2008 CREW member pages

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If you were an '07 CREW member, and I missed you (sorry), please put a note next to your name.

Wondering what to put on your page- Start with a couple of simple questions- Why are you a part of CREW? What do you hope to get from the April 2008 trip?

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Sheehan Students

Adam B.
Travis B.
Patty C.
Steve C.
Allison C. '07 CREW
Allen D.
Tim G. '07 CREW
Jill K.
Jenna K.
LeighAnn L.
Megan L. '07 CREW
Michelle L.
Caitie M.
Hailey M.
Josh P.
ViJay S.
Emily S.
Michelle S.
Alex T.

Lyman Hall Students

Maryellen B. '07 CREW
Adria B.
Julia B.
Ellie C.
Mike C. '07 CREW
Krystal F.
Chris G. '07 CREW
Julian K. '07 CREW
Hilary K. '07 CREW
Brandon L.
Jill M.
Samantha N.
Drew P. '07 CREW
Mayra R. '07 CREW
Marianna S.
Jill S. '07 CREW
Charlene V.'07 CREW
Rachel V. '07 CREW
Tom W. '07 CREW


Colin Lavalette
Julie Hulten
Brian Wall
Rob Kovi '07 CREW
Mike Tyrrell '07 CREW - CREW Organizer
Donna Laich '07 CREW
Jenn Castelli '07 CREW - CREW Organizer
Jill Hollis
Hector Maldonado
George Scharpf '07 CREW
Veronica Scharpf '07 CREW
Jennifer Courtmanche
Robin Thurston '07 CREW
Vicki Gustavson
Natalie Monroe
Cindy Tencza
Chris Poronsky '07 CREW
Denise Cannata '07 CREW
Laura Cappelli '07 CREW