'08 Trip Journals

  • This journal highlights the events of C.R.E.W.'s week in New Orleans. There are descriptions and photos of the work we did. Video clips from these work sites is continually being added. Check the individual student pages for student reflections and some of their own photos.
  • Individual 2008 CREW member pages

'08 Trip Photos

  • Photos from Rob Kovi- his '08 CREW Flickr Collection- All photos have been uploaded by 4/22/08. There are photos from the 2007 trip here as well. Check individual student pages for their own photos.
  • PLEASE NOTE- When using Flickr you can download the photos by clicking the "All Sizes" link at the top left of the individual photos. If you plan to print the photo at a photo processing center, download the original size photo. If you plan to simply save the photo to your computer or use the photo on your wiki page download one of the other sizes. If you do not download the original size you may get blurry or pixelated images when you have them printed.---If the photos from your digital camera are large you may want to resize them before uploading them to the wiki. An easy way to do this is to download one of Microsoft's Power Toys, the Image Resizer. This power toy allows you to right-click on any image on your computer, choose resize, and it's done. You can get the Image Resizer here

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