2009 CREW member pages

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Sheehan Students

Hilary A.
Alison A.
Krystin B.
Mathew B.
Patricia C. '08 CREW
Kaitlin C.
Allen D '08 CREW
Janet E.
Natasha E.
Jennifer L.
Michelle L. '08 CREW
Naomy L.
Justin M.
Caitlin M. '08 CREW
Lisa N.
Olivia N.
Kelly R.
Lauren R.
Austin S.
Ianna T.
Kirsten V.
Brian W.

Lyman Hall Students

Adria B. '08 CREW
Joe A
Abby A.
Alexx A.
Joseph B.
Alan C.
Andrea F.
Kelly F.
Brian G.
Erin H.
Christie K.
Alexander K.
Aaron L.
Brandon L. '08 CREW
Hannah L.
Owen M.
Christina O.
Victoria P.
Drew P. '07 & '08 CREW
Marianna S. '08 CREW
Lily W.


Scott Baur
Linda Kupstis
Eric Frennette
Melanie Montagnon
Patricia Taylor
Ann Winch
Crystal LaVoie
Chris Dailey
Colin Lavalette '08 CREW
Mike Tyrrell '07 & '08 CREW - CREW Organizer
Jenn Castelli '07 & '08CREW - CREW Organizer
Hector Maldanado '08 CREW
George Scharpf '07&'08 CREW
Veronica Scharpf '07&'08 CREW
Robin Thurston '07&'08 CREW
Natalie Monroe '08 CREW
Chris Poronsky '07 & '08 CREW
Laura Cappelli '07&'08 CREW