Today we went to Musicians Village. Habitat for Humanity and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, working with profound musicians Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis are in the process of rebuilding a community for musicians. The area where we worked was completely destroyed after Katrina. The houses are now all built 5 feet off the ground, held up by cinder blocks and poles driven over 20 feet into the ground. At the job site, we broke up in to 4 groups. One group worked on two nearly finished houses doing the exterior siding and front porch framing. Another group shingled the roof of a nearly complete shotgun house. Two other groups worked on framing for shotgun houses that began with just a base structure. When we left today, the houses were beginning to take their shape. Click on the links below to view some brief student journals and descriptions of today.

Student Journal 1 - Tuesday
Student Journal 2 - Tuesday
Student Journal 3 - Tuesday
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