Today we went back to the same site as yesterday. The roof on one house is almost complete and it has been amazing watching the houses slowly take form. Today was all about staying cool and hydrated. It was in the mid 80's but the felt like it was over 100 degrees with that sun beating down, especially for the roofers. Lunch today was amazing as the Musicians Village residents put on a concert for us. Many students and chaperons bought CD's from them as we sat there listening to their tunes and refueling for a long and hot afternoon. We also toured through the neighborhoods that C.R.E.W. '07 and '08 worked on. We talked with one family that had just moved in to a house built by C.R.E.W. How awesome is that. We also drove threw Brad Pitt's neighborhood.... Brad was nowhere to be found... Check out some student journals by clicking on the links below.

Student Journal 1
Student Journal 2
Student Journal 3
Student Journal 4