Today was another hot one. However, a consistent breeze kept us a bit cooler than yesterday. However, there was still no escaping the sun, especially on the rooftops. Most of us returned to the same sites as before while others had the opportunity to go to an animal shelter and the community center to perform various volunteer tasks. At the animal shelter, students and chaperones cleaned out kennels and got to interact with some rescued animals. At the building sites, we picked up right where we left off. The roofers finished one roof and moved on to another. The framers completed one of the most challenging tasks of building; blocking the exterior walls. We also finished framing two porches and progressed on the siding of another house. The entire C.R.E.W. has been working exceptionally hard and there work is clearly viable on site.

After a hard days work, we spent the evening back at camp further building team rapport. Many students and chaperones made tie-dye shirts before our electrifying talent show. Check out some student journals by clicking the links below.

Student Journal Entry 1
Student Journal Entry 2
Student Journal Entry 3
Student Journal Entry 4
Student Journal Entry 5
Student Journal Entry 6
Student Journal Entry 7