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Web Pages

  • Brief Katrina statistics from
  • Wikipedia page on Katrina
  • Frequently requested statistics from FEMA
  • article regarding the Livability Statistics for the New Orleans Area 2 years after Katrina
  • St. Bernard Parish website. This is the parish in which we volunteered. Check here for archived press releases from CREW's work in the parish in April 2007 (scroll for 4-26 article).
  • The work CREW did that was featured on the parish government website was for an 8,000 sq. ft. library. See these links for articles and pictures of the library: Library 1, Library 2,


  • The original Camp Hope, where CREW stayed in 2007, is in Violet, LA. If you 'Google' Violet, LA and click on the satellite view you'll see that this satellite image was taken within the first year after Katrina.
    • The Map of Violet - The green Arrow will be a few blocks up from where we worked.
    • Zoom in and if you move south on E. St. Bernard Highway to the intersection with B St. and C St. you can see the house we worked to rebuild for Philip Jackson on Louis Elam St. It's the 3rd or 4th house up from C St. It's difficult to determine because both these houses were demolished when we were there.
    • Move right from Louis Elam St. to 4th St. Find the block between A St. and B St. We worked on rebuilding the yellow house that is moved from its foundation against the neighbor's house. It's the second one up from B St.
    • Move south and the next entrance of E. St. Bernard Highway is the location of the first Camp Hope where the '07 CREW stayed.
    • Follow E. St. Bernard Highway to where it intersects with Mumphrey Road. Follow Mumphrey Road to where it intersects Florida Road you can see a shrimp boat that washed ashore and blocked the road. Boat Article
      The Power of Nature- A Double Rigger Shrimp Boat- Photo by Mike Tyrrell- July 2006