Video From the 2008 CREW trip

Josh P. and Ms. Laich- speaking on teamwork
At the roundtable Josh talks about the work ethic of the group, how well everyone works, and how someone is always there to help you. This is the beauty of C.R.E.W.. These students work hard and it's one of the best examples of high school students working together that you may ever see.

Jim Pate, Executive Director of New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity
Jim speaks on the gift that volunteers and visitors bring to residents and the city of New Orleans. This video came at the end of a home dedication. The floor system had been built and the first wall of the home was raised. Habitat tradition calls for the group to sign the beams and studs, offering their well wishes for the home that will be built. The power of these wishes add to the strength of the concrete, wood, and nails that build the house. Jim addressed the group of volunteers assembled near the home.

Megan L., C.R.E.W. member 2007 and 2008- speaking on helping one another
C.R.E.W. holds round table meetings after the first day of work for students and chaperones to share their observations and experiences. During this meeting Megan, drawing on her experience from the previous year, offers advice for her fellow C.R.E.W. members and stresses the importance of helping one another.

Jimmy Carter's Democratic National Convention Video 'Speech' referring to Katrina

Harry Smith reports in a CBS news story, two years after Katrina hit, that explains how volunteers are "the army" that is rebuilding New Orleans. C.R.E.W. is proud to have been part of this army.

Another CBS news story with Harry Smith. The levee shown in this story is the one on the Industrial Canal near the Lower 9th Ward. Mr. Smith reports from the canal-side of the levee. The shots of the empty "fields" are the neighborhoods that once stood next to the levee.

Organizations mentioned in this report:
Road Home Project
ACORN Katrina Relief